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with Vaishali Nikhade | Speaker, Futurist & Educator

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Let the Universe guide you

If you feel puzzled about which way to go next, the Universe can offer you signs. In this action packed workshop, learn to ask the Universe and look for signs in the least expected places during the most unexpected times.

Intuitive decision making

Wondering which way to go if you logic says one thing and your gut says just the opposite ? This keynote presentation will be personalized to your audience and they will leave inspired with new decision making skills

Decoding the soft whispers.....

Ever had a ‘I knew it’ moment and regretted that you didn’t take action before. This workshop offers you deeper insights into decoding the ways in which the Universe communicated with you.

About Vaishali Nikhade

Vaishali Nikhade stumbled upon her intuitive skills by accident. Seeking answers, she visited countless psychics with no avail. The Universe intervened and this led her to learn, teach and experiment with intuition. In doing so she transitioned from a left-brained engineer to a right-brained intuitive.

The journey from a seeker to a student, a student to a reader; a reader to a teacher, teacher to a researcher and beyond has been fascinating. Intuition has helped her in enhancing her ability to connect to the Universe to get answers, solutions and the next step.

Even in this crazy world of electronic age, intuition can provide the answers – in the way you least expected to get them………with a soft whisper…..

Are you aware of how intuition strikes you?

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